Ayurveda Pura’s Pure Natural Ghee

(Clarified Butter)

Handmade in England to an ancient Indian recipe and made from 100% fresh dairy butter, it is full of goodness and has a purity second to none.

Our Pure Butter Ghee is perfect for use in food and cookery – its taste and smell is like no other – it has an unusually pure, delicate and delicious aroma that enhances the flavour of any food and gives true blissful purity to it – an essential part of preparing food the Ayurvedic way…after all, what we eat and the way that we prepare it plays an important part of what we are and become!

Ayurveda Pura’s Ayurvedic Ghee is also ideal for direct bodily application in many Ayurvedic treatments and is so pure that it can be used directly on sensitive areas of the body such as the eye and nasal passage.

Enjoy and be well!

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